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Yesterday, I joined MIT Association of Japan group to hear the special lecture by Dan Tani, former NASA astronaut and MIT graduate. As  I love space and have always adored astronauts, I simply could not resist the opportunity to hear the talk by astronaut.  It was a general assembly event of MIT Association of Japan (They extended invitation to Harvard group and that is how I found out about the lecture two days before)  and I ran into few people I know.
The talk by Dan was fascinating, as he started with the story of his family and how he got interested in space etc. The way he described the experience of spending time in space made anybody (including me!) excited and so inspired. His talk was filled with great sense of humor as he described that he had women as boss everywhere!  His remarks about engineering major at Harvard was funny, too. (I did NOT know Harvard had engineering department!)

I was also very impressed with how he changed his career from space related job to teaching science, technology and design at middle/high school now in Tokyo.  He looked as happy with his students as he did with astronauts.  It is a wonderful and so inspiring journey.
 As many small satellites and rockets are now available, space and space travel is within the reach of everybody, according to Dan.   It is another area where democratization is taking place… I have my hope up as I may be around to enjoy space travel…..

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