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Instead of my original plan of reviewing this year’s activities and make iMovie or blog entry, I changed course and decided to buy new PC. I wrote about it few days ago on my blog, and getting excited about it as I consulted with my mentor these few days.  This morning, I decided (rather abruptly) that today is the day! and went to Apple Store. I ran into the staff who responded to my questions the other day and told her that today is the day of purchase.  She got the staff in charge and I explained the spec of Mac Book Air I want.  He suggested that Jan. 2 is a special day and if I can wait, I am better off.  I convinced myself that I could spend a few days now to review and sort my files etc. on my PC and come back on Jan. 2 to get the best of both worlds! (potential discount & cleaner PC).

As I was in a buying mode!, I decided to renew my wireless router and went to Bic Camera.  I brought all the forms I have accumulated and asked the staff.  He was very kind and set up the new router. Now I am using the new one. (The old one which I bought several years ago was just about to fall apart and I had to put it together with tapes!)  So now I am ready to try new PC with new wimax on Jan. 2!

In addition to my tendency of doing things right away (I could not wait once I decide my action), I found how absent-minded and how creative? I am to make up a story when something unexpected/unpredicted happens. I wrote on facebook that I lost my cap, hat and gloves.  I found the cap(at the bottom of my eco bag)  and the hat (which was hanging up on the hat rack!), but no gloves.  I even made a story that I saw a pair of gloves on the street and I was sure that they must have been mine!  Wrong.

I found them in the pocket of my down jacket I wore today!  I now realize how absent-minded I could be (forget where I put my hat) and at the same time, how creative? I am to make up a story that explains the situation.  All in all, everything came back (i.e. I did NOT lose anything), so I am happy.  My next task is to buy Mac book air and set it up.  It could be a major task for the long holidays…..

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