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I set out to accomplish the task of hosting two dinners at my apartment and finishing the draft of the note by the end of this past weekend.  How did I do?  Two dinners–one with my seminar students and my former student, and the other with my young professional friends–were a lot of fun.  I hope those who came had as much fun as I did.  It was very enjoyable, and at the same time, left me many things to think about.

The other task of finishing the draft of the note for the course next year was almost accomplished. I realized that I would not have time to review after the dinner, so I spent time in the morning and in the early afternoon (before I start cooking, setting up table etc. for dinner), concentrating on writing.  I managed to finish (with some things missing) the draft and send it to my colleague.  It is always a good idea to get others to review your draft, make comments, add examples, etc., AND to give yourself some time away from the writing and get back after a while.  I plan to review it myself today (here and there) and will revise/refine.

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