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Have you tried MINPAKU, renting the private home/room with the fee? As the hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries throughout the world (and you can tell clearly when you go to the airport!), the need for accommodations has increased rapidly and is expected to grow even more. New business model building and start up ideas to make the best of sharing economy in the hospitality industries is “hot” as we hear the news of collaborations between airlines and companies arranging the exchange between hosts and guests. They include JAL collaborating with Hyakusen Renma, airbnb with Recruit, and ANA among others. In fact, I asked participants at the LissN seminar last night about their experience of MINPAKU, only to find several in the group over 50 had tried.(Photo on the left)
As the law and regulations are now being set up to bring some order to make the best of both worlds-sharing and safety into this industry, companies are now offering more than just accommodations, and some collaborate with the local communities to offer something special and unique about the area.
On Friday, March 2, at our session #56 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we want us to think of creative and fun ideas for the city of Kamaishi at the cozy office of airbnb in Shinjuku. Kamaishi suffered from the big earthquake in 2011 and has bee in the process of recovery.  Their love for rugby and the upcoming Rugby World Cup next year will boost their effort to make the city special  for visitors.

Why not join us to design magical experience featuring hidden jewels of the city of Kamaishi together with the people of Kamaishi, airbnb and staff of RWC 2019.   Come for the brief talk on Kamaishi, RWC, and experience sharing AND design Magical Experience your version for Kamaishi.  It will be followed by networking at airbnb office in Shinjuku.  For details and registration, check this site.

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