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1604721_864102553603706_805900069234309531_n I had a great time with ICS alumnus last night in Manila.  Wherever I go, I try to meet with ICS alumnus, though sometimes, I do not plan well in advance and miss the opportunity.  Last year, I was lucky as one of the ICS alumnus participated in the East Asia Forum in Myanmar, and we had a chance to catch up.)

  This time, thanks to face book group on ICS alumni, I informed that  I was coming to Manila well in advance.  Some alumnus responded and we made plans to meet at the hotel to go out to dinner.  Despite the good plan, my flight from Tokyo was canceled and I changed to another flight, (rather eventful day!) and we had to change time.

   It was very nice of them to wait for me and we managed to do mini-ICS reunion.  It was great to see them all doing very well. Some were at ICS in 2001!  

 10390437_864102580270370_771369877293989388_n We talked about the courses they took (I taught) and other things about ICS.  We also talked about many different places and things to do in Manila.  This will give me a good excuse to come back for vacation!    Seeing them and having great time with them warmed my heart so much.  It is one of the most beautiful things about my job of teaching at graduate school. 

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