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I would like to introduce Miku Hirano, entrepreneur, CEO of Cinnamon co., one of the two guests for our panel on January 25 at SINCA vol. 15 held at Shiseido Global Innovation Center in Minatomirai.

I wanted to have young entrepreneurs as guests for the session and have explored some whom I have met and know.  In December last year, I kept running into Miku on several events and asked her whether she could come.  I have known Miku for some time, though I do not recall how I met her in the first place. (probably at the panel with women entrepreneurs I moderated).  I know her husband (I invited him to my class at KMD and Davos Experience in Tokyo series, I recall).  but did not know that they had two very young children, 1 and 2 year old.

When I met her a few years ago, I believe she was probably  starting  Cinnamon after two startups.  Cinnamon is AI company with the vision of removing repetitive tasks from office workers in Japan (for example) so that we can have good life. She has won many awards (you can search under her name to find many articles) and the movie Start up Girls is modeled after her, I hear.  Cinnamon’s R & D base is in Vietnam now.

Very interesting podcast is available about her.  The video below also shows her concept of Cinnamon.  Please take a look.   If you search under her name, you can find many more write-ups as well.

When I asked her whether she could come as a guest on Saturday, she told me that weekend is the time for family and she would try to make arrangement.  So I offered that she could bring her children and she is kind enough to accept it.  I would love to find out her story and have exciting discussion on Jan. 25. For details of the event and registration, go to this site. Hope many of you will join us!

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