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As informed yesterday, I went to give a talk at TIEC, located in Odaiba area this afternoon.  (Feb. 3) It was a part of TIEC Career Forum which alumni of TIEC organized to give some information and tips to those who now live at TIEC (as I understand.)  My talk was entitled “Job Landscape now and future for YOU” and I discussed very volatile world today, mainly driven by the technology.  After I discussed some aspect directly related to job/employment such as growing skills and the need for planning 100 year life etc., I introduced some of the initiatives such as Global Agenda Seminar series and SINCA we just started.

Though I was ready to take questions during my talk, none was raised and we went right into the Q & A at the end.  Good interesting questions were raised (with more at the networking reception)  and I responded to some with LONG answers.

The talk itself was rather short 45 min. and I did not even introduce my own career background-freelancing, business school in the US, management consulting and three academic jobs etc. etc. So I shared my experience while responding to questions.  It was good to meet with many young people and I got lot of adrenalin going. (I had Aikido class in the morning and I was SORE AND COLD when I got to the Yurikamome station. I recovered while talking with them, during the talk and at the reception afterwards.)  They bought 10 copies of my new book (unfortunately in Japanese) and I presented the copy  to those who won the lottery at the reception.  I enjoyed the opportunity and grateful that I was given this opportunity. I hope many will join us at SINCA, Global agenda seminar series and other open seminars I give.

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