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One of my students is kind enough to inform me that I was mentioned in the article “The Only Woman” in the Credit Suisse Bulletin-the world’s oldest banking magazine-since 1985. (starting from page 22). It is the article about “Women in Japan” currently one of the often discussed  topics as a part of the Growth Strategy of Japan.

I have had several opportunities to be interviewed and to moderate the panel discussion etc. on the topic. I have written a chapter of the Report, blog entries etc. recently.   Sometimes, I am not sure how my comments are interpreted and in what context but it is good that people become interested in the issue and do something about it.

The reason I am doing many things such as Global Agenda Seminar series and DET (Davos Experience in Tokyo series, as well as workshops for high school students) is  to provide as many opportunities as possible for participants to be exposed to the different world, speak up and interact with people outside of the comfortable world we all have.  It is the reason I write this blog  as well.

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