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We know that mental well-being is related to physical well-being, but these past 10 days have made me realize its power so much more.  In the past, I usually feel refreshed and re-energized almost soon after I am  overseas and start feeling very much at home.  In particular, British Columbia where I have spent past summers over a decade, makes me feel like a different, renewed person as soon as I arrive in Vancouver (after hot and humid days in Tokyo!)

This time, I came with the cold/cough as I made my schedule too tight and the “usual” did not happen.   I caught up with lost sleep (I was sleeping 4-5 hours a day right before I left Tokyo) by sleeping 10 hours on the first day, and had thought I am back to “usual.”

mewdrug1Then the cough came back and got worse into asthma.  (Photo on the left showing myself with different cough medicine!) It kept me awake at night, and the lack of sleep made the whole thing even worse.  I was quite at a loss myself, as I found myself weak not only physically (coughing at night takes a lot out of you) but also mentally.  I felt I lost my positive mental attitude and started feeling that things would turn out negative–typical pessimistic and negative feeling!

Unlike two summers ago when I had difficulty adjusting to my new life at KMD, I could not even start analyzing my feeling and doing something about it, like writing all the things that bother me, and think of the underlying reasons, trying to think of alternative solutions, etc.

Now that I have my asthma under control (more or less, as I get to sleep at night!), I feel my mental state is getting back to normal.    Let us hope that I am finally BACK! (“xx is BACK!” seems to be the buzz word in Japan lately!)

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