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As December, last month of the year 2015, is just around the corner, our last session of Davos Experience in Tokyo series for the year 2015 will be held on Friday, December 4. The topic for this session is for entrepreneurs and those who want to support somethinterramotorsg new from Asia. Our guest is Toru Tokushige, founder of Terra-Motors which manufactures and sells EV bike.
terramotorsIndHis background is quite unique in that he joined the established company in Japan, decided to go to the US for MBA, stayed in Silicon Valley for several years AND started his business. His choice of new start up is very orthodox in that he analyzed the industry, region, type of business that can have sustainable advantage AND huge growth potential centering in Asia.
If you are thinking about start-up for the new year 2016 and/or interested in finding out more about the potential of mega-venture from Asia, join us on Friday, December 4.

Our networking will have special flavor as it is the year-end! (See our eye-catch photo & video for fun at networking!) For details and registration, check this link. See you then!

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