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Today (Feb. 25), after the Aikido class, I went to Roppongi Hills to visit Media Ambition Tokyo exposition. I meant to go for a while as I knew today would be the last day and expected to see many crowds, but my full schedule so far prevented me to go until today.
I did not wait to try VODY by Rhizomatiks, as there was already a line. I saw other expositions including many from Digital Nature Group. I liked Energy #02 with LEXUS LC, tried Suckable Earth, Perfumery Organ. I tried Immersive SpaceEntertainment by Sony Design which I enjoyed (it was quite short!) I really like the idea of Street Debater and plan to try (probably not on the street, but in other set up.) I wish I could visit earlier and spend more time, but I am delighted that I managed today!

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