15073316_10211334617025392_8949297561872084430_nFriday night, I went to annual Mck Alumni party at Roppongi Hills Club. Last year, I missed it as it was on the same day with other events. This year I was very much looking forward to it, as I needed some lift-me up after US election.
15002361_10211342698907434_6816844953257149006_oI had a wonderful time there, as I saw some old friends (I was there from ’85 to ’92! (3 decades ago!) and met with some new people. It was so much fun finding out what many are up to.

From there, I went directly to Haneda to catch the flight to Dubai.
I slept some 9 hours on board and felt refreshed when we arrived in Dubai. Three of us shared the car to the hotel and we talked about the disappointment/shock of the US election (all of them have spent much time there.) With fun at McK alumni party and the talk w my friends in the car, I felt much better.
After daily workout at the gym, followed by great breakfast and long walk along the beach, I feel good. My room is on the eighth floor overlooking the marina.
img_1806We will have dinner tonight, which kicks off the Annual Meeting of Global Future Councils. I am looking forward to the discussion and brainstorming, in particular, how participants take the US election.