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IMG_7254IMG_7288 This evening, I attended the fifth MBI Family Day held at University of Tokyo Hongo campus. MBI was the program organized by McKinsey & Co.,Inc. three decades ago to develop global leaders. After 10 years, the program was finished, but alumni event continued. I taught a few sessions at the MBI Tokyo program and was invited to the Family event. (In fact, it was the first time for me to attend, as I was out of the country the last few times.)
spaceCIMG1318R0019614The program began with two lectures on Space by two professors at the University of Tokyo. As I love space, I was fascinated by the talk. (Some parts were beyond my comprehension! but awesome!)

After the lectures, we moved to the reception of jazz & wine. I saw quite a few people with families after some time, and it was great. I loved the band, R0019702ジャズとワインの夕べ ポスターnot to mention great wine! I wish I could stay for star gazing, but decided to leave early as I have been up since 5:00 am!

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