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 I had very interesting experience lately.  I have been involved with the Talent mobility project and quite a while ago, asked the question whether there are any interesting (I assumed Japanese) companies which are active in hiring, developing and retaining global talent.  Few people responded and I began communicating with one of them.  We missed communication as our notes were misplaced etc., but finally managed to talk over the phone. 

 The phone conversation turned out to be very interesting and we continued communication.  He is young Japanese with extensive experience of working for high tech companies in many different locations.  As we talked, I decided to introduce him to our Career Service director at ICS and they began communicating.  It seemed there might be a good match between the talent he was looking for and our students at ICS.

  One day, I explained to our Career Service Director at ICS how I “met” with him via tweet and that I have never met him in person.  (only phone conversation).  She was surprised. 

   This morning I responded to his note I had received quite a while ago (I was traveling and could not respond for a while). His note indicated the issue of job and talent gap so clearly from those who are actually doing it and gave me some fresh insights.  I am learning a lot from our communication.  It is amazing and wonderful that we can communicate this way.

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