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At the Forum organized by the IT company at one of the major venues in Tokyo, I came to feel the close encounters of the “strange” world. It was the special VIP day at the big IT event.  I was invited to the VIP day and went to the huge hall with keynote speech and many exhibitions.

As I was going up the escalator to the main hall for the key note speech, I realized that almost 99% of the guests were men. I thought it was dark (no color), but did not feel too strange.

When the key note speech was over and everybody moved to the exhibition  hall, I find myself almost drowned in the massive wave of men all in dark suits.  It was as if the big Tsunami came over.  I felt I had never seen that many men dressed in almost uniform.  (In fact, I was wearing green suits and it seemed that I was the only one with any color!)

The next day, I was to give a brief speech at the reception related to the Forum.  This time, the VIP guests were from overseas and I was to give a brief speech in English.

So I started with my discovery of the massive wave of men in dark suits the day before and told them that I was absolutely determined to wear some bright colors.  They laughed because they knew what I was talking about and they saw that I was wearing red. The guests that evening were more colorful, though most of them were wearing suits and majority ties.

Now I understand that “diversity” is not something that comes easy to the Japanese business community, in particular, IT and infrastructure community.  No wonder, these people have no idea that the Japanese youth -whom I see everyday at our school- are known for their sophisticated fashion sense in the world!  (Will have photo contrasting the  two distinctive groups both in Japan soon!)

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