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During the past 2.5 weeks of overseas business travel covering both coasts of the US and Bali, Indonesia, I have noticed “marketing sense” of the non-Japanese much stronger than that of the Japanese. Whether you are in the US (in fact, if you are in NYC, you come across with many nationalities) or in Asia, I see people better at marketing themselves to the outside world.
FullSizeRender (86)IMG_5534 I came across with some hard-sell (which is too much for my taste), soft-sell (which I like) and low-key but solid marketing of many kinds. Whether you are sales rep, Catholic reverend, researcher or business executives, they seem to be much more aware of what they can offer and to be better at how to market themselves/their activities to engage more people.
Many of you may be interested in the opportunities to test your hidden skills and activities you passionately pursue in the “market” to see whether they offer any “value” to the society. If you are, but not quite sure how to go about it, session #26 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series will offer you a great opportunity to do so in the low-risk, casual atmosphere, as I explained in my blog before the Golden Week holidays.

26th Two guests-Ben Matsuzaki and Akiyuki Minami will share their experience of practicing new work styles, making the best of their experience and hidden skills.

Join us on Friday, May 22, to think of what YOU can do. Check our website for details and registration. See you on Friday, May 22!

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