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IMG_5291 I spent a week in Palm Desert, California and have had some new findings. One of them is the “marketing mind” of the people, whether they are sales agent at the vacation club newspaper representative or reverend at the Catholic church. I found the “hard sell” by the sales staff of vacation club a bit too much, but found “soft sell” approach by the newspaper representatives and by the reverend quite impressive.
Whenever you stay at the place where you have time share or membership, they invite you to the sales presentation. They start well explaining new options etc. and answer your questions. Then they start their hard sell approach. They often say if I do sign up today, I will get so and so benefit and if I do not show interest, they give your more. Sometimes, more than one sales agents show up one after another. I understand that they are on sales commission and may have goals, but find them too much. You need to stand firm and do NOT get convinced unless their offering is what you want.
IMG_5347 I tried to cancel NY Times digital subscription over the phone. I tried to do it earlier as I found that I do not read as much but agreed to continue as they offered me a good deal. This time the deadline for that good deal came to an end and I was determined to cancel. However, the lady who answered the phone was very good in that she wanted to know why I want to cancel and again made a very good offer. I could not refuse and decided to take it.
The most amazing “soft sell” was by the reverend at the Catholic Church I went on Sunday. (photo on the left) He started talking about Nepal which suffered the earthquake and explained how the donation has been used in many such places which suffered. Then he said “Now let’s get your money” casually. It was such a superb soft-sell approach and we had to laugh at his direct, but smooth soft-sell talk. It seems there are more marketing-minded people in the US than in Japan!

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