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 On Monday, March 19,  we will host the first  Special Seminar of Global Agenda Seminar series 2018. This time we will feature Mr.Gajan Mohanarajah, CEO of Rapyuta Robotics. Headquartered in Japan,  his company has an office in Switzerland as well as India which are two major research sites for robotics. With the mission of “Empowering lives with Connected Machines”,  he has designed the first cloud robotics platform with which relatively inexpensive robotics could perform diverse tasks by machine learning and collecting, analyzing and sharing data.  This is their attempt to make robotics (which are often perceived to be expensive and rather detached) more accessible to people.  His company also offers variety of clones with self control.

This type of company is called “Born to Global” as best possible locations are selected to recruit competent people and to perform functions such as R & D, beyond borders. 70% of employees are non-Japanese, representing  different nationalities. Company website lists many write-ups about the company.  “Born to Global” startups will be one of the models of the companies of the future.

During this session (all conducted in English), we will ask Gajan to make a brief presentation and I will join the dialogue.  We will open up to the floor as many can ask questions. Let us find out what is like for non-Japanese to start the technology company in Japan which is often perceived not so favorable for start-ups as ecosystem to support ventures has not been established.  We hope he will have stories to share with us as to how he started his business and how it has evolved –what obstacles and advantages he has experienced in the process.  Please sign up  as it’s filling up very quickly. We will have a very interesting and interactive discussion. For details and registration, check this site. (Top part is in Japanese only, but some  in English)

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