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I am leaving Whistler tomorrow, Sunday July 22 morning by bus to fly back to Haneda from YVR. It marks the end of Part 1 of my 2018 Whistler vacation. I spent several hours (after I went to circuit class this morning as always) sorting what to leave at the real estate agency and what to bring back. (I was a bit confused sorting them…)
While staying in Whistler, I spread many things-documents, clothes, shoes etc.- all over the unit I rented, and it takes a bit of sorting etc. After several hours of work I am not too good at, I managed to pack golf bag, medium suit case and two bags with kitchen things.
I also put in gas, so that I can return the rental car early tomorrow morning before I catch a bus to YVR. (Last time, I did not put enough gas and was charged very high price…)
In the afternoon, I walked around the Whistler Village area to pick up some things. There were so many people of different nationalities and families with children.

In fact, I played 5 holes of golf yesterday, with big Asian/American family with many children. We started fine on #1 hole, but then I realized it was getting too crazy with 7-year old kids running around. So I asked whether I could go ahead on my own so that the family could relax and have fun with kids. It worked well for both of us.
I ended up playing 5 holes in little over an hour with blue sky and comfortable temperature of 23 C! It was so enjoyable.
Now I feel quite clean and light. A few more things to take care of before Japan starts a new week.

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