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One of the things I noticed during this trip is that many kids playing in the pool are wearing T shirts.  I have noticed some adults do so before, but this time, I noticed almost all kids wearing T shirt,while playing in the pool.  I suppose it could be because of the strong sun.  In fact, my legs and right arm got almost burned, for few hours I was at the pool side reading.  (I had thought I covered myself well and/or in the shade, and did not apply sunscreen.) The next day, I noticed I get burned and they hurt, to find how strong the sun is here.  After all, it is right in the middle of the Pacific!

Seeing kids play at the pool is always fun, as I can see their excitement and energy.  As one of the Nobel Laureates said at the recent forum, babies (and kids) are so amazing.  In a way, I wonder why kids catch my attention thee days. It makes no difference whether they are your own (kids, step kids, grandkids) or kids you come across on the street. Probably, I am more conscious of what we can pass on to the next generation.  There are many reports etc. indicating that younger generation has different set of issues-mental illness, suicide etc. but in my mind there is no question that they are the hope for the future and what we can do is to make sure that they get environment where they can develop their ability to full and have meaningful life.

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