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In Whistler where I spent the past three weeks (in fact, I spent total of 6 weeks with 1 week back in Tokyo in between), I see people of many nationalities.  Judging from the conversation (I am just guessing), quite a few people are from Europe.  You also see many Asians as well.

I heard that there are hundreds of Japanese living in Whistler, and I wonder how many Japanese live in Vancouver area.  I see many more Chinese in Whistler, this summer, more so than before, it seems.  Many families seem to spend their vacation in Whistler and I know why.  It is a great place for families to enjoy nice weather, many different kinds of outdoor activities.

In the past, I spent some time in Vancouver while in Whistler.  Last year, I came down to Siggraph and I also came to Vancouver music festival, show under the stars at Stanley park etc.  I also spent a day at Park Royal doing shopping (many things are on sale!)

As Whistler has become my summer house (so to speak),  this summer I stayed in Whistler to lead life which is not too different from that (on holidays) in Tokyo.

I heard from friends that there are so many more places I can visit to enjoy in Vancouver area. That will be added to my To do list for next summer.

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