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On Friday, June 27, Naoyuki Sato san(often called Sato Nao san) came as a guest speaker for Professor Ichiya Nakamura’s class at KMD. Sato san and I participated in the same panel on Twitter July last year at International Conference for Women in Business, but I joined through Tweet from Canada,  thus I never met him in person.

As I have followed his activities, particularly his involvement in various communication and relief activities of the recent earthquake etc. as communication professional, I was very much looking forward to seeing him in person AND his talk.

His talk on the impact of social media was full of insights as he talked mainly from his own experience.  How he left the company around the time of the earthquake,  how he now works as independent professional and how  he has committed his time to various relief effort was very impressive. (It so happened that he left the company right at the time of the earthquake.)

I particularly liked his action orientation (he was the person who made the full-page? statement ad of “Thanks” from PM Kan to the world when many people throughout the world showed solidarity).  I am sure many people thought of the idea, but he approached the PM office, made arrangement and made it happen, which shows his dedication to action.

I also liked his broad perspective in discussing the role of social media. I find the way he described  “empathy” (not sure whether this is the right term or not, it is KYOKAN in Japanese, it is almost like “on the same wavelength”.) as the major driver of communication today and the social media as people empowering media was intriguing.

I also find his remarks on the need for both  social media(new) and communication know-how found in traditional advertising (old) very interesting.  It reminded me of the discussion on either Click OR Brick many years ago when the Internet became accessible.  Despite the heated debate of Click OR Brick,  it is now recognized that both  Click AND Brick balance is the key to success.

I am very much looking forward to the next opportunity to interact with Sato san (in fact, it will be about four weeks away at the same International Conference that we share the venue.)

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