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iphone imageSeveral skills such as reading and writing in your second language, music, and athletic capability building, to name a few,  require discipline to continue practice day in and day out.  Other skills such as riding a bicycle and swimming seem to stay with you once you learn.  For those skills that require constant practice, we are often tempted to skip a day or so due to a variety of reasons.  When that happens, it becomes harder to pick it up again.  I wonder how we can make our progress visible for these skills.  If we are convinced that we ARE making a progress, we get motivated to continue.  For example, walking and climbing stairs is measured on my iPhone (I did not realize that my iPhone had the apps already built in.)  As I check how many steps I make, distance I walk and steps I climb, it gives me some motivation to maintain the level.   With so many apps and wearables now available, I wonder where we can find them. Any ideas?

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