Following my blog entry yesterday, here is the part 2 of ideas brainstormed on Friday. After Ishii san’s presentation about Kamaishi and 45 min. breakout discussion, three groups shared their ideas. Topics were 1) How to make people who come to RWC fans of Kamaishi beyond 2019-locally brewed beer & mystery tour -see photo below  2) What to do with the stadium after RWC 2019 and 3) How to thank people who have supported Kamaishi in its recovery effort. (photo -on featured photo- shows how happy many look!)

Each group has interesting ideas and there seem to be some similarities. I felt that at this point as many ideas as possible can be generated and tried out to see which ones seem to work better.

Here is a vide of three groups reporting back, occasionally with my summary to check my understanding of their ideas. (I just realized that we did not interview participants after the session, unlike our other sessions.  I believe it was because we were having so much fun with great drinks, food and great company that we completely forgot about it. –I could have shot video of the networking, too!)