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This trip has been LONG to say the least. I left Narita after workshop on Monday Japan Time, to arrive at Washington IAD airport on the same day after 12 hour fight.  The flight was fine and I managed to get 7 hour sleep.  After spending 5 hours or so (took a while to go through customs and security) at IAD, I was on the flight to Sao Paolo, Brazil.  Before I left Tokyo, however, my original flight from Sao Paolo to Salvador was canceled and the only flight I could take was after 8 hour layover in Sao Paolo.  I exchanged notes with travel agent in IAD, but left IAD without clear decision yet.

After frenzy exchange of notes at Sao Paolo airport (this is the first time for me to be here, and I had no idea about the procedure at the airport), I barely made it to the earlier flight to Salvador.  (I had to rush with suitcase to the domestic airline counter and barely made the flight.)

Staff of the IT Forum met me at Salvador airport, to my relief, and 1-hr drive finally brought me to the venue.

This hotel/venue is extraordinary and huge.  After getting lost several times, I made it to the gym to workout.  I felt much better after shower, beer on tap and nice buffet dinner.

I slept about 8 hours or so (after two consecutive night on the plane), I am ready for the keynote speech this evening.  My room has a great view of the ocean and now it is getting sunny!

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