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This morning I was given an opportunity to join BBC Business Matters.  I received a note two days ago about my availability and I tentatively said Yes.  I had doctor’s appointment this morning and was not sure whether I could make it in time or now to studio.  (I was quite optimistic regarding the doctor’s appointment after a few tests! and assumed I could be finished within half an hour or so.)   I was right about doctor’s appointment (I was able to leave after half an hour, even to enjoy grande latte on the way–I  was NOT allowed to eat anything before as I may have to go through test if something was detected!)

So by the time I reached the studio, I was fine, and ready.  (I checked some of the stories and did quick research for status in Japan-vaping, airbnb, 4 day workweek etc.)  Unfortunately the connection did not quite work (not the first time) and we had to try other means–we ended up using my iPhone & face time  The other guest was Andy in Texas (first time for me to work with him) and I enjoyed it.

You can listen to the show here.  I plan to visit the museum of capitalism in New York City as we talked at the end.

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