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There will be two interesting seminars scheduled by the Finnish Institute in Japan on June 19 and June 20. On June 19, from 3 to 5 pm, Professor Timo Honkela will discuss his Peace Machine concept together with Prof. Shugo Nakamura, INIAD Toyo University. It will be held at the Embassy of Finland and will be followed by reception, It is free admission but you need to register by sending mail to
On June 20, from 3:30 to 5:30, Prof. Honkela will give a lecture about his book Peace Machine. It will be held at INIAD Toyo University, Akanabe campus. It is also free admission, but reservation is required by RSVP to
His vision is making machine learning contribute to better understanding among people and eventually leading to the peace by detecting conflicts early on and reducing misunderstandings It will be very interesting, as we often hear discussion on negative aspects of machine learning etc.

I wish I could attend as I am very interested in machine learning etc.  Unfortunately I have prior commitment on both days.  I hope many of you will attend.

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