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IMG_5665 Last night, I went to Mariko Takahashi‘s concert in Yokosuka. She and Henry band run national tour every year in different cities throughout Japan. (She has had concerts overseas, too. )
In the past several years, I go to the one earlier in the tour, middle and towards the end. You may feel why I go to the same concerts. It is because I love her concerts, to start with, and I am also interested in how concerts evolve. It is quite a challenge to perform every other day or so in different cities, and I wonder how they keep up energy and enthusiasm, and at the same time, make small changes to refine them.
Yesterday’s concert was the third one of this year’s tour. As in the past several years, I enjoyed it thoroughly. The concert hall which has seats up to the fifth floor! was full. 2+ hour concert without intermission is well planned with some new songs and programs as well as the familiar ones. I particularly like the standard jazz pieces she sang with the Henry band. It shows how good a singer she is.

It is very interesting to hear that she and the band gets a lot of energy back from the audience when the audience (including me) feel re-energized by watching/moving with them!

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