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img_1370Last night (September 16), I went to the show by Mariko Takahashi w Henry Band at Carnegie Hall. She is one of my favourite artists and I have been to many of their shows in Japan. As I heard of the show at Carnegie Hall (also my favourite place in NY), I decided to plan my trip accordingly.
As I came to the Carnegie Hall, I saw so many Japanese, which reminded me of the time Seiji Ozawa conducted Saito Kinen orchestra in December a few years ago after taking time to recover from illness. In fact, I heard that he canceled the performance that summer in Matsumoto at the last minute. (It was almost impossible to get tickets to his concerts in Matsumoto!) As I heard that he would perform with Saito Kinen at Carnegie in coming December, I reserve a ticket and planned my trip accordingly.
For Mariko’s show, I had thought it might be in New York style (whatever that means) and would do in English. I was quite nervous at the beginning probably because I was sitting in the first row and could feel their nervousness! As they began, they followed the style of shows in Japan and seemed to get back to their usual style.
img_1373The hall was full and the audience was enthusiastic (quite a few came from Japan, I believe.) The stage in Japan is so well designed to fit the flow and I had wondered how they would do at Carnegie hall which in itself is extraordinary. It was a bit of lighting and visuals on the back, which was fine for the setting.
Two-hour concert with many familiar songs went by quickly. I am amazed how they continued to have so much energy. (We are in the same boomer generation!)
West Side Story with NY Phil the night before was a nice occasion to remember the time I saw the movie for the first time and it seemed the audience was in the same nostalgic mood. It was two days in a row with combination of professionals in action and a bit of nostalgic memories for the audience.

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