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I was invited to the luncheon with Mme. Fleur Pellerin, French Minister in charge of  SME, Innovation & Digital Economy  at the Residence of French Ambassador yesterday, March 29.  Dr. Yuko Harayama, my friend and the executive member of the Council for Science & Technology Policy, Cabinet Office, Japan,  included me for luncheon as one of the Japanese women in the area of innovation.  Others were Kaori Sasaki of e-woman, Ms. Hideko Tsubota of Ochanomizu University, & Ms. Mariko Tamura of the Japan Academic Society for Ventures & Entrepreneurs.

I was very happy to meet with the French Minister and to find out what is happening in France as well as to explain what we are doing  for gender parity and re-skilling to foster innovation AND regain competitiveness. (It is well known that the diversity leads to innovation, and diversity leads to better performance, as discussed a luncheon.)

Minis3-03-29 14 35 36 There were quite a few common factors such as the need for role model, networking, child care for promoting entrepreneurship, leadership positions for women etc.  It was nice to talk with the Minister.  At the same time, I was happy to meet with my friend, Dr. Yuko Harayama after a few years!, meet for the first time with Ms. Tsubota who used to work for Loreal (I believe) and Ms. Tamura whom I met several years ago.  I met with Ms. Sasaki about a week ago to discuss women networking efforts, who was kind enough to offer me a ride!

It was the first time for me to meet with Ambassador Christian Masset, Minister Jeanblanc-Risler among others.  In fact, I  had never been to the French embassy!  I thoroughly enjoyed great food, wine (how can I not mention!) and beautiful garden.  (See  photo on the left with the Minister in the middle.)

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  1. Sounds great!!!&inspires me a lot:)

    Next month we have Australian Ambassador here in HIROSHIMA ,
    so much to learn from you.

    Wish we could organise some party in a garden, too!

    • Yoko Ishikura
    • April 3rd, 2013

    Bennie, thanks for your comment. Have a good one with Australian Ambassador!

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