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CbQIXn5UAAA5km-I had an honor to attend the nice luncheon with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Julia Bishop MP of Australia, hosted by the Ambassador Mr. Miller at his residence today.  It was the first time I met with the Minister and the main topic was on gender. (Photo on the left I found on twitter!)  It was very interesting to hear how the Minister incorporates diversity issues in economic diplomacy.  The guests included some Australian business leaders, some executives of the Japanese companies (both male and female) in addition to the embassy people.

I have been invited to the discussion on similar topics at embassies and it is always interesting to find out how variety of issues are addressed and tackled in different countries.   It is also a great opportunity to find out how the Japanese government policies and corporate practices/progress  are perceived outside of Japan(sometimes there is a time lag.)  I also find it informative to hear how Japanese companies deal with the issue from the HR executives directly.  I thoroughly enjoyed Australian seafood as well as Australian white wine (just enough to enjoy, but not to need a nap in the afternoon!)   I greatly appreciate this type of opportunities, whether the topic is gender, economic policy etc. Great way to start a new week!

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