IMG_9679Yesterday, I was invited to have lunch by Mr. Arnaud De Saint=Exupery, General Manager of Andaz Tokyo, guest speaker we had for our first Special session of Global Agenda Seminar series 2016, two weeks ago. It has been a while since I went to Toranomon Hills and  to find many young business people having lunch at different restaurants there made me realize (again) that Tokyo is one of the great mega-cities of the world today.  The Toranomon area (in particular, Toranomon Hills) is contemporary (which I like)  and at the same time, has flavor of good old Japan., as I saw many small unpretentious Soba places and fabric/Kimono places in the area.

I went straight to the reception on the 51st floor where I was greeted by very friendly staff.  It was a beautiful day and we had grand view of the Imperial Palace and Marunouchi area.  (To my regret, I forgot to take a photo of the beautiful view!)

IMG_9676Lunch was excellent- I tried artichoke salad and salmon, both of which were superb,  and finished with Latte and eclair, which I believe has been very much “in” right now. It was wonderful.  He even gave me the box of LONG eclair in the stylish bag as a gift.  He seemed to be paying attention to details around him all the time, which impressed me very much.  The “team” as he called at the seminar was very friendly and made me feel so comfortable. We talked about many things including many more nice places to visit in Japan which have been less known yet.  He also mentioned that he received many notes from the participants of the Global Agenda Seminar.

He mentioned, at the seminar, as necessary qualifications for working in the hospitality industry (rapidly growing throughout the world),  1) personality 2) passion 3) hard working 4) ability to be yourself AND  on the stage 5) open-mind.  Being there and interacting with them only for a short time, I felt his team had all of the qualifications. Great way to start a new week…