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A few years ago when I was a member of the Global Future Council of the World Economic Forum, one of the issues we addressed was care economy.  Care sector tends to stay within the family and little documentation and data was available as it was part of the “informal” sector of the economy. Women tend to be engaged in the task and it needed data collection, analysis etc. etc.

As Japan is one of the fastest aging country and I was wondering the application of technology to this area, I looked into the potential of using robots to care.  As I recall, my findings (more anecdotal evidences and stories rather than data) included that the elderly tend to like robots as they need not worry about hurting people’s feelings.  They also found robots quite accessible and user-friendly.  I found some examples of robots such as Pepper who could monitor the movement of the elderly and who could guide elderly people to do some exercise and games.

The other day I received the photo of my 98-year old dad who lives in the senior residence with Lovot, small robot by the company Groove-X. He seems to like it a lot, judging from the photo. So when I visited him yesterday, I asked the care staff about the robot- It is Lovot named Anju.  The care staff is kind enough to show me how Anju moves etc. and gave me the brochure.

I think this is such a great idea.  My dad is now recovering from pneumonia, though he is still weak.  It is good for him to play with Anju when it is available.  (Whenever I visit him at his unit, we usually watch old movie or some shows about world travel, nature, music etc.  Probably I can play with Anju next time I visit him. (Anju is nice to hold.)  According to the company website, this robot depends on quite sophisticated technology.

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