During the two days I went to Abu Dhabi, I lost and found my stuff three times!  The first was the chord for my PC I left on the flight which was canceled. I was going to read some materials on PC and ready to  charge my PC.

I completely forgot about it when we had to disembark around 11:00 pm when the flight was canceled for the day.  I found out when I checked in at the hotel near the airport.  The next day, however, I got it back at the gate for the 18-hour delayed flight.  (I was quite worried as my PC would not have lasted for three days without charge!)

The next was my hotel card key in the morning at the fitness center.  I went there with iPhone and when I began on my treadmill, realized that I was missing my hotel card key.  I figured it should be somewhere in the fitness center as I came in with it.  I traced back my own behavior and realized that I had some water at the water fountain.  There it was!

The third and final lost & found was my Forum bag.  It is the bag you receive as participant filled with program, and other materials for the Summit.  As there were hundreds of people who received the same bag, I make sure I put my name card, first thing as I receive the bag.

At the reception held outside on the second day, I left my bag near the stairs.  After I talked with people and enjoyed drinks (non alcoholic!), I found that my bag was gone!  I asked for help from the Forum staff as my PC and other things were in my bag.  The staff checked the other bag which was on the stairs, assuming the person of that bag must have taken mine by mistake.  We could not find any info. of the person.

A few minutes later, the man came back with the bag!  He said it was so heavy! and realized that it was not his. So I got my bag back after all.  It was a tense moment, for a while, as I needed my bag with my PC and other materials.

So lost and found 3 times in 2 days!  It has not happened often to me.  Probably I was a bit absent-minded, but it all ended well.