Unlike the story about the “almost-lost-but-found” wallet, here is the story of the calorie counter that is lost and lost. I have been wearing the calorie counter for several months. I have been hooked, so to speak,and had fun figuring out the type of activities that consume more calories, the balance between the calories required for my level of activity and my calorie intake, etc.etc.

I have been wearing it all the time and have actually enjoyed checking my activity level. Few times, I thought I had misplaced the counter, but every time, it turned up after a few hours. Finally, however, it is lost.

It was Friday last week and I rushed out as I was determined to walk my routine 3km to the station. As we had guests that morning for our project meeting and I was behind schedule, I was walking very fast to make it.

When I arrived at the station, I realized that the counter was missing. All was left was the chain to hold it. I still had hope, however, as I thought that I might have left it at home.  When I came back home that evening,  my hope was shattered as I could not find it.

I waited for several days, hoping it might show up somewhere totally unexpected.  Nothing turned up in the past several days, so I have to accept that it was lost for good.

I was naturally disappointed, but I said to myself that I had used it long enough, so probably got the return (in fact, it was a gift, so I made no investment myself!) and  that by now  I  know that my required calorie level is anywhere between 1800 to 2200 a day.  So I felt that the calorie counter probably finished its normal life expectancy.

Then I went even further and started thinking that probably it gives me a good excuse to buy something different, such as the one you can wear around the wrist and get connected with your PC. Not all is bad when something is lost and not found…..