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I heard the expression that losing your parents is losing your past.  As I lost my mother several weeks ago, I have felt that I have lost a part of my past.

Last night, I called the teacher who taught me in grade school to inform him of my mother’s passing.    He has exchanged season’s greetings with my mother and he also asked me how my mother has been doing in our exchange of season’s greetings.  So I wanted to call him to tell him, rather than writing the letter.

It has been few decades (I believe) that we talked over the phone.  (We had one reunion few decades ago in Kamakura where I went to grade school and it was the last time  I saw him.)

I was a bit nervous calling him, as I did not know how to tell him the news.  He appreciated my call, which made me feel  good.  He was very kind.  What was amazing was that he sounded exactly the same as in the past (meaning several decades ago!).  His voice made me fly back to my grade school days.  I could not resit mentioning that to him over the phone,  which seemed to make him happy.

So now I feel that I lost part of my past because of passing of my mother, but have regained a part of my  past by being given the opportunity to call him and talk.  It brought me many happy memories of my childhood days, and warmed up my heart.    You lose something, but you regain something, too.

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