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This evening I went to the wake for my friend, Namiko Katsuki Fukuzawa, who passed away last week.  I was stunned when I heard about her passing, as I had not contacted her lately,, partly due to Covid-19.

Namiko was the editor of our book “Building a career to the World-class professional” (in Japanese).  (photo on the left)  Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa and I wrote this book together in 2006.  It was a bit before the time (now I come to think of it, as “global” “world-class””professional” was a bit foreign concept to majority of young people.)

The book project began  as I met with Dr. Kurokawa at the conference and wanted to do some project with him.  After some trial & error, we were able to publish the book.  Namiko was the driver behind the book as Dr. K and I met many weekends to talk about our experiences and  the book. The book project opened up the whole new world for me  and I was totally fascinated by the new expanding world.  Namiko was always with us when we met over the weekend and navigated us as we (both Dr. K and I) tend to go every possible direction.

I wrote in postscript/acknowledge of the book that without Namiko this book would have not been completed.  Since then I got to know her, her colleague and later her husband.  We did not do the project together since then, but we kept in touch on different occasions and our network expanded even further. (I checked my note and I saw her last year in July last time, at the conference where I gave a talk-see featured photo for the poster.)

After I heard about her passing last week, I recalled  her smiling face which showed up in my memory many times.  (As it was before iPhone era, I do NOT have photo of us together! ) She was a professional and my dear friend.  It is always sad to lose friend, in particularly when friend is much younger than I am and has whole future ahead of her.  My prayer is with her husband and I hope Namiko will always watch over us.

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