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  I went to my colleague, Ann’s funeral service yesterday. She helped me with editing my paper etc. a few years ago and even before that, we worked for the same company.  She was very young in 40s and left her husband and two children. 

  This year, I had already  lost two friends–one in Florida and another in New York–both were like my mother (I decided to get adopted!).  I met Sue in Florida when we played golf together in Whistler, British Columbia (with her husband) and we became friends. I stayed with them in Florida a few years later and had a wonderful time going to the Space Center, major league training etc. etc.  Sue was always so pleasant, so cheerful, so positive, with great sense of humor. She was my cheer leader.

  Roz in New York was also like my mother. I met her right after I graduated from college (which means over three decades ago!) and started working.  Our paths had crossed in Tokyo, New York, etc. etc.  She was a great friend and always cheered me up.  We (Roz and Joe) made it a rule to have brunch somewhere near Central Park West, sometimes with their daughter, whenever I am in New York City.  She always wanted to make sure that things were going well for me. 

  And now  I lost Ann last week.  It is so hard to lose people that you love and feel close to. (I also lost my mentor several weeks ago.)

  They say that losing your parents (and parent-like people i.e. Sue in Florida and Roz in New York for me) is losing your past; losing your spouse is losing your present(which I did several years ago); losing your children is losing your future.  

   Losing Ann must be so hard for her husband and for her children. There are times that words just are not enough to convey your emotions.

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