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IMG_4386It is now happy holiday season. Many families are enjoying holidays and crazy shopping is almost over on Christmas Eve (It is still Christmas Eve where I am.)

Sad news came this morning, however. My close friend from New Jersey passed away last night. He has been fighting cancer over a year or so and finally he lost the battle.

We met often when I am in New York and talked over the phone when his condition did not allow him to get together. (last time in October)

I had known his condition and we talked about it over the phone often, as I lost my husband to cancer, too. He informed me of the treatment he was IMG_4384getting and I was happy when I heard that his experimental treatment seemed to have worked.

As I went to service this evening(photo on the left shows MC), I recalled many nice things he did for me. I am sad, but I know he does not suffer any more.

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