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This morning, best friend of my late husband passed away after battling with cancer.  He and his wife became MY  best friend during the time my husband battled with liver cancer and my cheerleader after he passed away.  They are always there for me whenever I was  at a loss after I lost my husband.  They even helped me  care for my parents.  I have always felt safe and secure as I know that I can count on them.

He found out that he was terminally ill at the beginning of the year.  I met them a few times after that and they have not changed despite his physical condition.  Their spirit have been always high.

Soon after I found out that he passed away this morning, I called his wife.  She sounded good  and said “My husband has gone to where your husband is.”  She is such a warm and positive person.  When I heard her words, I was overwhelmed by emotion and could not stop crying.   It will take a while for me to get over this, though I can almost visualize that two of them (my late husband and his best friend) get together and plan something fun up there.

It means so much for your life to have somebody who can support you and who believe in you when you lose confidence and not sure whether you can go on.  I have been very fortunate having him.

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    • Der Chao Chen
    • December 5th, 2011

    It’s always regret to hear the lost of what we loved and treasured. Hope you’re recovering from this sadness soon.

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