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This coming Monday is a national holiday in Japan and thus, we have long weekend. I think it is an ideal time to start thinking about your idea for 45th St. Gallen Symposium Wing of Excellence Essay competition held in May, 2015. You may think it is still too early, but ideas take time to crystallize and thus I recommend that you start thinking about it early.

You may want to do some research about the idea you develop and further explore other ideas.
The main topic of the 45th St. Gallen Symposium is “Proudly Small” and there are three clusters- namely 1) Human scale 2) In praise of small entities and 3) When small and big correlate.
The questions for the essay competition are :

Question 1 – What is the next small BIG thing?

Think about unconventional ideas, undiscovered trends or peripheral signals that may turn into ground-breaking changes for societies. Present one idea which is not on the radar of current leaders yet but will change the game in business, politics or civil society – the best ones will be put to the test by the global audience of the St. Gallen Symposium.

Question 2 – Collaborative Small State Initiative

Although small states lead the global rankings in international benchmark studies on competitiveness, innovation and wealth, they are often politically marginalised. Explore a common agenda for small and prosperous countries and identify one joint project that would increase the relevance of small states on the global stage. Go beyond politics and diplomacy by also including economic and civil players.

Question 3 – Elites: small but superior groups rule the world – at what price?

Human history shows that the world has been ruled by tiny but superior groups of people. It is the elites who have been controlling societies and the allocation of resources. Given the rise of inequality, a devastating level of famine that still exists, ubiquitous corrupt systems of government, limited access to education for the underprivileged, to name just a few of the world’s greatest problems, elites are challenged to redefine their roles and agenda settings. Share your thoughts on how elites are supposed to emerge and transform in the 21st century.

You can select  any one of the three above.  There are some qualifications to enter the competition, and the details are given at this site.

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