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I finally got down to read thoroughly the greetings I received for the new year. (It is already Jan. 22!)   I left for New York on Jan. 3 and did not have time to go through the holiday greetings. Mine written on New Year’s Eve was sent through my blog as my greetings are too big to attach to my note and I also prepared  mini video clip reflecting the year with photos. (I have no idea whether people got around to read them and I do not blame them.)
As I go through greetings I received, I noticed some that are missing. Even though seasons’ greetings may become “year-end task” in the middle of busy year-end/beginning of the year, I realize that it does have a purpose. It shows that you are well to your friends, relatives etc.
I started getting a bit concerned about some that usually reply to my note or send me greetings. Probably others may feel the same way about me!  I depend too much on email, tweet and face book.  It is important to keep in touch (in real)  as friends are one of your assets that you can depend on when things get so uncertain.

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