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This morning, I took the first Shinkansen to go to Osaka to attend the shareholder meeting of Nissin Foods Holdings.  As G20 summit is scheduled in two days, decided not to fly, as security could be very heavy. We wondered whether as many shareholders would attend the shareholder meeting when security is very tight for G20. summit Despite our concern, we had more shareholders attending the meeting this year than last year (over 2000).  It was quite a scene to see over 2000 people in one big hall.

As usual, report of past year’s results was shown using the video, followed by the speech on next steps by the CEO Mr. Koki Ando.  After he explained the agenda for decision, we opened for questions from shareholders.  As Nissin Food makes Cup Noodles and other food items, questions tend to focus on new products, new markets, and our plans for the growth.  We had a few questions related to plastics (one of the agenda at G20 summit), and data security.  As I am the longest serving non-executive director and serve as chair of the advisory committee on various matters, I thought I might get questions from the shareholders. But all the questions were handled by the executives.

After the shareholder meeting, we had our annual luncheon where I gave a Thank you speech & received lovely flowers and very nice gift.  I then rushed back to Tokyo for the interview with BBC radio I was asked last night.  We made it OK, but I had trouble sending the file to them.  (Same thing happened last time, and I am not sure why.)  Finally, I tried to send the voice memo file from iPad, which worked!  I was finally able to relax, have dinner with a glass of wine.   I told my friend at BBC radio that I am having a glass of wine now that it worked, to which he replied “I am about 7 hours away from it all.”  It helps to keep your sense of humor!

The day was very long (I got up little after 3 am,) but it is now finished.  I can now get some sleep…


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