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One day after I came back from NYC. Today June 3 began early with Aikido class. We repeated basic movement of foot many times to get it right (I am still a bit away from it.)
I then walked to Roppongi Hills for the #1 of Global Agenda Seminar 2018. I prepared slides and struggled to include video on the file, but in vain. GAS staff helped me to do and I need to learn how to do it a bit more smoothly.
Mr. Yasu Oda was our guest for the first session. His approach to engage the class by asking questions, holding mini discussion several times to lead the participants along was very effective and good lesson for me.
After his fun session, we brainstormed the topics for the debate at the next session. I am very encouraged by active participation by the participants this year. I could tell it would be a fun session where everybody can learn together.
Then we moved to the Space 6 of Roppongi Hills for get-together. I talked with several participants, but not all. I hope to talk with every single one of them as I am to lead the four of next five sessions.
It was 12-hour day and LONG, but was fun. I hope participants enjoyed the session, too.

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