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penceThis morning I came across with many tweets/podcasts on Mike Pence at the show Hamilton. I was caught by the sensational headline and decided to read on and check. I am shocked and quite discouraged at how the same event is reported so differently in different media. (including Trump’s tweet which seemed to be later deleted).
Hamilton is the super hit show in New York City and I saw it earlier this year. It is a good show, AND it has significance as it is the story of the founding fathers of the USA who came from diverse background and the cast reflect the diversity. In that sense, Hamilton symbolises the openness  of the USA and thus, the recent policy advocated by the President Elect seems to go completely against it. Here is what Hamilton cast said after the performance.
As I think about this phenomenon, I cannot but think that we are in a very serious situation. (I wanted to bring some sense of humour as I find myself getting too serious these days–most of the photo I receive of myself at seminar etc. looks so serious!) It shows that with the help of technology, anybody can say anything they want to say to the world AND even the “leader of the world” seems to ignore facts and change minds in few days, even few hours!
obama-on-fake-newsI think we need to have multiple sources of information, think about whether it is the fact or fiction, judge by ourselves and form our own view as things change.
I have mentioned the importance of having diverse source of information, and NOT just depending on TV or newspapers, and encouraged people (me included ) to go to the original source, meet with people, and visit the place. As so many “fake facts” seem to exist today, we should protect ourselves, because nobody would be able to protect us.
Do NOT follow the road somebody else has designed for you blindly. Do think about what you want to do and can do with your life. We need to protect our life and LIVE our life. It is not somebody else’s.

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