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Today is the 75th anniversary of the bombing in Hiroshima and not only Japanese media but also overseas media report the significance of the day.  (From the overseas media reports, it appears that some people are afraid that nuclear war could start in the world which is far from stability due to Covid-19, economic contraction and variety of protests found in many parts of the world.)

I  was listening to the Music for Peace concert live streaming from Hiroshima.  Akiko’s piano, world premier by Dai Fujikura was played just now.  It was wonderful.  I trust that You tube video is available for some time.

As I wrote on my blog, some artists were not able to come to Hiroshima due to Covid-19 and the program was changed except Akiko’s piano.  Live music is always wonderful, but it is also nice to be able to listen/watch from home (I was having a glass of wine! and good food I cooked!)

It is wonderful that we can share beautiful music no matter where you are.  (I saw Dai’ on the screen, clapping1)  I hope my friend in Hiroshima is also watching.

Beautiful concert just finished.  Moving, and making you realize that there is very nice things in the world. I believe we can still watch You tube for a while?



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