I spend considerable amount of time (during long weekend with pouring rain with rising number of infected, like now ), following variety of information sources (North America, Europe, and japan/Asia in that order)  I had thought that my information source is quite various and thus I am quite well covered. It appears that it was not quite so.  .

I listen to podcast probably about 2+ hours a day (during daily workout and domestic work), following tweet (in many cases, just heading except some interesting tweet by interesting people), watching very little TV. (probably 1.5 hours in total);  Because of this time allocation, there are many things which are now popular in Japan I do not know.  The most recent example was Haruma Miura.  I had no idea who he was and when I heard my young friend saying that she is so sad and wondered why people seemed to leave life so easily?, I searched the info. about him.  I asked my friend about his activities, but I knew none of drama and performance he was involved.

I got a bit worried as I realized my information source is so limited.  I now try to expand my information source a bit more to cover current hot topics for the youth.  i.e. trying to get out of my echo chamber…)It appears that every generation has similar experience.  (I recall that people much older than I knew nothing of what I was quite familiar with.)  With source of information has become exponential these days, this gap may be even bigger than before.