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For some reason, I feel this year’s cherry blossom are special to me.  I lose words at the beauty of cherry blossoms, which has not happened before.  I take photos here and there, not because I want to take photos per se, but I simply cannot leave them. It almost seems that  I become so much aware that life is so short by looking at short life of cherry blossoms.    I have used this expression  of “Life is too short to…”, before, but it seems to have hit me hard this year.

Probably I feel somewhat nostalgic about that we are in the transition to the new era and really feel that one era is over.   I feel not only sad to find that some people who are of the same age group as I am pass away, but also wonder how they lived their life.  Have they done  what they wanted to do with life?

We often discuss 100 year life these days. All of a sudden, it becomes reality for many, in particular, Japanese whose life expectancy is one of the longest in the world. 100 year life has some benefit as you can plan over the longer time horizon and start anew many times.  At the same time, I realize that long life is tough as well.

My Dad is 97 years old and now lives in the senior residence quite close to my apartment.  I used to invite him for dinner at my place every weekend until this January, as I wanted to get him out and he seems to enjoy coming to my place and have dinner.  We talked quite a bit about many things and we had good time.  (It was one of the weekly events for both of us.)  However, these few months, we stopped this weekly outing and I visit him at his residence to have dinner, instead.  It is because he fractured his elbow and came down with flu. Besides it has been quite cold.

Now I see him at his residence and we eat at the restaurant there.  These days, he seems to have lost  his positive view (he has always been grateful to people who are kind to him and had quite optimistic outlook despite his declining physical capability.) and does not talk much.  I  try to talk to him and engage him in conversation, but he talks less and less.  We always take a photo together, and he usually smiles, but seems to be losing expression.  Probably seeing him change slowly makes me realize the fleeting nature of life and appreciate the short life of cherry blossoms more.

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