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I received a very nice letter from the business leader I respect very much. He read my Opinion column on the Japan Times on “umbrella” and shared his experience in London around the folding umbrella. I am so grateful that he took time to write a letter AND shared his experience around umbrella and gentleman in the UK. When I decided to write about umbrella, I did some research, but with no experience of living in London, I could only imagine the unique and special relationship between classic long umbrella and British gentleman. His letter enlightened me with his story. The way he described his experience was so vivid that I could almost see the scene.
Today, on the other hand, I heard a sad news from my friend. She is a professional and has helped me with data collection etc. I was asking her for some data and stories about the possible topic for upcoming Opinion column. As she responded to my request quickly as always, she shared the news of her big sister’s passing. I believe I heard about her sister being so lively, energetic and fun person (though I never met her.) She passed away with cancer after just a week. I had no word to say to her. It made me realize how important to appreciate our life and to live every day to full.
The nice letter which warmed my heart and the news which made me sad, but reminded me of the importance of life.

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