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As mentioned before, we plan to hold SINCA online Debate session on Sunday, May 9.  We hear some people want to try debate to develop effective and efficient way of argument, we decided to hold the session on two topics which are now discussed.  They are 1. Four workday week (3off days of the week) and  second/double job in addition to the regular job. We plan to have two teams -affirmative and negative for each one of the topics and run two rounds of debate, assuming enough number of people register for teams.

For those who have little experience of debate and/or who want to ask questions and to know little more about how to prepare etc.  We will host prep. session this coming Sunday, May 2.  Debate can be used for variety of occasions, and not just for debating competition/game.  In fact, you can debate such topics as “family trips during Golden Week”.  Debate is a good way to think of reasons/benefits/costs etc. for the statement from multiple perspectives.

You can find details and sign up for May 2 session here and/or here for May 9 session.   We plan to form teams for May 9 around May 2 so that teams can prepare their argument, making use of off days during Golden Week.  Hope many of you will join us.

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